About Us

SelectSets provides a highly professional approach to selling your content and offers unique capabilities that are needed to maximize earning potential. SelectSets provides a comprehensive feature set to attain that goal:

  • Guest Area option: Choice of a public guest area (everyone can see the seller’s preview pictures) with blog/gallery or a private guest area. For the private case, the home page just contains a link to login for members and a link to the join page. The user has to pay a set monthly feel that you set just to access the members area and store.

  • Invitation-only option: Available for both public guest area and private guest area options. For invitation only, the site owner provides us with a list of e-mail addresses who are able to join and access the members area and store. This works well both for sellers who have already have a store selling basic content, but want a discreet and controlled way to offer higher-priced, very exclusive content to their best members as well as sellers who are new to selling content and only want to sell to a group of buyers that are known.

  • Choice of three business models: Monthly membership fee, pay-per-set, or a combination. More sellers are moving to the pay-per-set option with a monthly membership fee and we also think that is the best option to maximize revenue.

  • Pay-Per-Set Store: A per-per-set business model will maximize revenue for the model. You upload the content and set your own price for each set. Members can then purchase one or more sets at a time. You can charge up to $300 for each set, much higher than other sites allow.

  • Visa/Mastercard Payment Processing: You will attract more members, especially internationally, by allowing them to pay with traditional credit cards. Venmo, Cash App and Zelle work only in the U.S. and have lower limits for the purchaser.

  • Security Watermarking: Photos and videos are invisibly watermarked with the buyers identification so that they can be tracked if illegally shared.

  • Extensive Reporting: You track all purchases and can view reports for which sets are selling better and who are your better customers.

  • Additional Options: Website design (for a more customized look), photo retouching, video editing, photoshoots.

  • Our Fees: We take care of all hosting, website operations, customer support and most importantly the billing and credit card transaction fees. We take an industry-standard 20% of net profit for these services. We receive the money from the credit card company and remit 80% to the buyer on a weekly or monthly basis.

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